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In order to begin your search of properties, click the Search button on the left navigation bar. Then, enter the appropriate information and click the Search button on the top-right of the screen to filter the list of properties.

For instance, type "Division" in the "Street Name" box and then click "Search". This will return a list of all properties in the database located on streets with "Division" in their name. Alternatively, you may further refine your results by entering more information. For instance, now select "<" on the Acreage option and then enter 1 in the Acreage box. Click "Search" and this will return a list of all properties in the database where the street name contains "Division" and the acreage is listed below one acre.

Contact Information
If you see any properties you are interested in developing, contact the City of Arlington Economic Development Department at 817-459-6155 or ecodev@arlingtontx.gov to find out about possible economic development incentives that are available. You can also contact the City’s Community Development & Planning Department at 817-459-6657 or Lexin.Murphy@arlingtontx.gov to find out how to utilize the City’s Brownfields Grant Program to pay for environmental assessments or cleanup planning that may be necessary.
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